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Kiran Iqbal

Administration Manager (North)

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Kiran Iqbal joined Liberty Support in 2014, bringing along with her Bsc (Hons) in Social Policy. Kiran initially joined Liberty Support as a support worker but has now taken on the role of Administrator. The role of an Administrator involves dealing with telephone calls, email enquiries and assisting with meetings and conferences. In addition to this, Kiran also manages recruitment and ensures  that the Liberty Support team consists of effective team members.

Kiran-“The highlight of this role would have to be the team that I have the pleasure of working with. Our team has come to realise that we work brilliantly together, tackling challenges helping and motivating each other to reach common goals.”

We believe in putting individuals firmly in the driving seat of building a system of care and support that is tailored to their own unique need.
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