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Haydn Thornley

Office Cleaner

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My Personality Characteristics

I am very precise.

I have a good sense of humour, and like fun.

I am affectionate and loving with the people I know best.

I am demanding – that my hoover, mop, and equipment is in good working order.

I like things to be the same. I love familiarity.

I like to please people and make them happy, as I am a people watcher, and like to see people enjoying themselves.

My Relevant Skills

I am very organized, and I like everything just so!

I like things to be neat and tidy, so sorting out the office and making it lovely and clean is ‘right up my street’.

I like things orderly, and for everything to be in it’s place. I love going round the office, and putting everything where it should go.

I am brilliant at giving hugs, cheering everyone up, and making the best brews in Oldham.

I am very punctual, never sick, and don’t like to take any holiday….I am the perfect employee!

My Interests/Hobbies

Looking after my dog Maxie, and taking him for long walks.

A few pints in the Red Lion, of a Sunday lunch time.

Looking after my house, and keeping it just so. Looking after my colleagues and friends.

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